We firmly believe that architectural visualization should go beyond just a 3D representation. Every project that we happen to see always contains a story in itself that begs to be told, especially in architectural competitions. That is why we always propose a narrative process to the client in which the project is the main character and the CGI is the tool to make this whole thing happen: we might start with a famous photo, or a movie, or a book, or another piece of art that would fit in the process. Then the story begins. CGI, rendering/postproduction tools and our experience allow us to make this process as real and beautiful as possible, and the client may evaluate it from the very first sketch.

Inspiration and research are the main keys to launch this operation. So speaking with the client about their proposals and blueprints in the first part of the work is very important for us, in order to understand what we are going to represent and to make sure that the story we’re going to tell is the best story a visualizer would possibly invent.

A few clients we have worked with:

Mario Cucinella Architects
Exclusiva Design
Fabrizio Cocchi
Fentress Architects
Studio Enarco